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Please download your fully functional 30-day trial copy to see if the software meets your requirements. You may purchase a license anytime from the shop page to register and personalize your copy.

Note: You can choose to download the data files only, if you have FileMaker Pro 6 (FileMaker Pro 5 for Mac Classic). If you do not have FileMaker Pro, download the standalone application instead.

downloads for Mac OS X 10.2 - 10.6.8

downloads for Windows 98 - Windows 8

legacy downloads for Mac OS Classic 8.x - 9.x

Download standalone application Download standalone application Download standalone application
Download data files only Download data files only Download data files only

VinotePlus Import

Virtual WineCellar 4.6 and higher allows importing of databases created with VinotePlus software. This procedure processes the data in a number of ways that are not reversible, so it is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy of your VWC files before attempting import in case anything goes wrong. For a successful transfer, you need to create a properly formatted export file from VinotePlus first. Make sure that all VinotePlus records include a Vinote tag number, and that there are no blank records (records without a brand name, for example). Then export your records as a comma-separated (.csv) file. To double check your file, you may want to view and/or edit it in a word processor or spreadsheet program. If you edited the file, make sure you save it as a text only file.

For a confidence check, you may wish to download/view a sample output from a VinotePlus database.

Please note the following limitations:


If you have previously entered wine data into the database template supplied with FileMaker Pro, you can easily transfer your data into Virtual WineCellar by downloading the WineConvert utility. Simple step-by-step instructions are included.

Download WineConvert 1.0 for Mac.