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Breaking News

Development of the once popular app has started up again. It is too early to give a release date, but you are invited to join the StudioEase facebook page to be in the loop. Feature requests and feedback are welcome and we'd be excited about your like of our facebook page.

Note: everything you read below refers to the current, very old version. Some of this information will be obsoleted with the new version.

------------ Info about current, old version follows ------------

StudioEase helps you minimize the time spent on management and administration chores of your studio(s). Logical links between the modules help you get to any information quickly.

Key features

Included modules

StudioEase is available for Macintosh and Windows.

License options

StudioEase offers several licensing options, All functions can be tried with an unregistered copy. To help you decide which license is best for you, please review the differences:

 standard licensepro licensesite license
contact/client management
audio tools
label printing
to do
track sheets
inventory management
sound library managementno mass import of records
project loggingbasicextended (time stamps, automatic preparation for invoicing with supplies)extended (time stamps, automatic preparation for invoicing with supplies)
invoicingbasicautomatic from project logautomatic from project log
budget calculator pull items from suppliespull items from supplies
cue sheets 
password protection 
equipment booking 
user file integration 
multi-room booking  
number of users11unlimited

* requires FileMaker Pro