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The tennis world is crazy about statistics. If you ever watched tennis on TV, you undoubtedly have seen statistics flashed on the screen for just about every point. Statistics are important to professional players, why shouldn't they be for amateurs as well? The missing link has been in the required resources to track the players performance.


BigPoint for Apple Watch is for tennis players who want detailed statistics about their play in the same way data is presented on TV during pro matches. Just by tapping the watch after each point, BigPoint displays the score and calculates data which can be recalled during or after the match. From a detailed service profile, to winners and errors, to break point stats, BigPoint tracks about 30 parameters and keeps a log of your match history which can be viewed and filtered in a number of ways.

BigPoint is localized for English, French, and German and available as a free download from the AppStore ("freemium app").

First announced as "TennisWatch" in 2002 and protected under DPMA 200 15 681.0, rootsolutions is excited to say that the project has finally become a reality. App based wearables have changed the way we enjoy and track fitness. With the advent of Apple WatchTM, you can now enjoy personal tennis statistics and improve your game using the equipment you already own. No need to add another expensive piece of hardware to your tennis bag!

Click here for a English press kit or a German press kit.