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welcome to rootsolutions

Software for recording studios and musicians

  Percussive Innuendo icon Percussive Innuendo
A multi format percussion sound library, featured on the root-sounds home page.
  StudioEase icon StudioEase
Administration package for recording studios, producers, and musicians
  AudioTools Pro icon AudioTools Pro
Audio production calculator and utilities
  SoundLib icon SoundLib
Customizable sample and sound library database
  BandAid icon BandAid
Musician's tool to track gigs, songs, and more

Business software

  SessionTimer Pro icon SessionTimer Pro
Crash proof time logging for multiple projects
  AuthoRize icon AuthoRize
Individual passcode protection for FileMaker Pro solutions
  TanManager icon TanManager
Tool to manage your online banking transaction numbers
  CurrencyConverter icon CurrencyConverter
Drag and drop currency conversion with Euro shortcuts

Software for home and leisure

  root-music mp3 Download
You can now buy our award winning CDs as download albums.
  Virtual WineCellar icon Virtual WineCellar
Inventory database for collectors
  TennisAce icon TennisAce
Fun statistics for you and your tennis partners
  ProgressBars icon ProgressBars
Attach your messages to progress bars
  FitnessTrainer icon FitnessTrainer
Customizable exercise schedule for computer users
  Timewaster Collection icon Timewaster Collection
Warning: may waste large amounts of time
  Tennis watch image TennisWatch
Looking for manufacturers
  art studio Now open: the art shop at a | r | t - studio
Art for your living and working spaces

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